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Welcome to Scottsdale Community Bank (in organization)

As Downtown Scottsdale continues its metamorphosis to grandeur, so too arises a bank founded upon a global vision that serves businesses, their families and community organizations. As your dedicated partner with traditional values, we deliver innovative solutions.

Scottsdale Community Bank (in organization) comes into existence nurtured by a conviction that consistent effort and innovative ideas are the DNA of growth. We are committed to long-lasting relationships with individuals as well as with small and mid-sized businesses, the driving force of Scottsdale’s economy.

It is particularly significant, and stated with a subdued tinge of pride, that Scottsdale Community Bank (in organization) will be the first locally owned and operated bank to open in Scottsdale since before the financial crisis. Established by local entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, the proposed bank will fill the gap created by the remote-controlled, out of state services provided by large financial institutions which are unaware of the community needs and the services that only a ”neighborhood” bank can provide.

It is our conviction that most, if not all, of Scottsdale’s monetary resources must stay in Scottsdale, thus fueling its growth. For that reason, we are poised to aid businesses in controlling their own destiny by providing state-of-the-art financial services delivered by a neighborhood financial institution whose fiscal decisions are kept local. No one recognizes or has the ability to execute those opportunities better, faster, and with greater insight than local decision makers. We believe it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for our shareholders, our customers, our employees and the community we serve. As part of a network of community banks, we are able to offer local banking while retaining the ability to extend our reach and services way beyond those of the typical community bank.

We recognize and respect the challenges small business owners face. You can rely on us to simplify your life. We promise a quick response to loan requests, multiple ways to access your accounts, and direct access to the decision makers of the Bank. Talk to one of our professional bankers about remote deposit capture, online banking, and courier service. In the real world, time is indeed money. Our foremost objective is to save time and money for and on behalf of our customers. Our greatest show of commitment will be to return our patrons back to the place where they belong, Number One!

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