Neill LeCorgne
President & CEO

Mr. LeCorgne is an experienced and well-regarded community bank President with a career spanning over 37 years.

Some highlights of Mr. LeCorgne's career are...

  • He's a seasoned 37 year banking executive with 10+ years service as community bank President
  • Accomplished bank leader with proven history of building earnings and franchise value.
  • Leadership experience in opening and operating a de novo bank. The bank holding company opened the de novo bank in April, 2009 and sold the bank in December, 2011 for 1.24x book.
  • He's a high integrity, hard working bank executive with strong leadership and communications skills
  • Experienced in formulating effective capital, deposit and loan strategies focused on building shareholder value and managing bank performance through major economic cycles
  • Expertise in managing core bank functions including business development, risk management, bank technology and planning
  • With strong relationship management skills he's capable of building a loyal, competent and highly motivated bank team; and, managing shareholder, client and regulator business relationships
  • Community focused professional with a long history of personal service with community organizations

Mr. LeCorgne's three-decade experience includes just over 10 years as President and Director of a multi-bank holding company in the state of Florida, comprising a lead bank in South Florida and a de novo bank in South Carolina. While with the multi-bank holding company, Neill led the day-to-day operations of the lead community bank and oversaw the chartering, strategic planning and execution of an ongoing business plan and budget for the de novo bank.

In the remaining 27 years he served four as manager of a corporate banking team at a super-regional bank, and fifteen years as Director of Business Development and Marketing for the Federal Home Loan Banks of Atlanta and Seattle. At the Federal Home Loan Banks Neill developed a consultative business approach to institutions, working with more than 250 banks across the Southeast and Pacific Northwest.

More recently Neill has served at a FinTech company for a year and has been responsible for working with financial institutions to enhance their operating strategies, including improving efficiency in the lending process.

Neill brings working knowledge of banking strategies to enhance financial institution earnings, efficiency and shareholder value.

Neill received bachelor’s degrees in business administration and international relations from Florida International University.

Neill LeCorgne | President & CEO